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Your plane to the future

When we decide to move to another country or city, regardless of our motivation, we always leave behind some things which couldn’t be taken with us, which we lose irrevocably, such as unrepeatable smells, tastes, memories, feelings, amusements… We feel it even if we move from one island to another. Even more if we have to move over from Canary islands to the main land. When we move to other country we try to maintain our roots by any means so that the distance or oblivion would not break them.

But we cannot avoid it. It is hard to stop the tears. Some of our roots has been lost. Despite our fears and doubts we must be sure that through such a challenge we will gain incomparable experience and likely adventure of our life.

One of the main advantage of travelling is the fact that each journey, either temporarily or permanently, changes us, our perception, point of view, ability to analyze and view things which we haven’t noticed before as well as these which are completely new. Travelling around the world opens those windows which were closed until now. Also while staying far away from our homes we are cultivating everything that we have left  and keeping dear memories in our minds.

It must be reminded that this open chapter which we might close or not, has happened to us for something, perhaps to accomplish our life experience and build our future. Thanks to your life experience and a desire to change something you would be a different, better person. In the world of the limited and narrow-minded beliefs you will have a chance to become a creative, enterprising, open-minded person. And it will be your main advantage.

It happened because one day you took a plan to your future and opened doors to new experiences, took new roots and watered them by your roots.