Torquay - England

ENGLISH: We offer two different youth projects, of  high-quality.

Just like we do with our adult programs, we would like to highlight one project we have for many years with an extraordinary language academy which is located in Torquay– one of the topthree destinations in the UK according to the TripAdvisor.

We have been investigating this specific market for many years to cooperate only with the best ones.

The project is designed for the age group of 11-12 years (who can be accompanied by a guardian in all the activities) and of 17 years. The project includes a summer camp of intensive English language course (20 lessons per week, 15 hours, in the group of  16 students maximum). Host family accommodation on a full-board, daily activities and excursions. While all activities groups are being supervised by both the tutor from Tenerife as well as the local teacher from the academy.

The Welcome Package contains a learning materials, a student ID card and a ticket for the local public transport valid through the whole period of stay. At the end of the course students will get a certificate confirming their level of English (2-4 week course running from mid June to mid August).

You could also apply for the English summer camps in another countries, including Ireland, the USA and Canada.

We can organize a one year long internship in Ireland for youth of age between 12 and 18 years. The Project would be organized in a collaboration with public and private  schools, and would be guaranteed host family accommodation on a full-board. No more than one student of each nationality in the host family. The academic year starts at the end of August and finishes in June.

We also offer a completely different project from June to August of adventure camp in Dalguise (Pertshire, Scotland) located in a XVIII century mansion.

The Project is addressed for 8-16 years old children. We provide accommodation in shared rooms for 4-6 students (separated rooms for girls and boys). Rooms are located in the campus and have a heating system. The camp’s program consist of adventure activities (up to 27), excursions and activities in the neighbourhood. On the camp there are available classrooms, playground, meeting room, a sports hall and a store. All English courses are accredited by the British Council, which guarantees well-qualified teachers. The course consists of 15 lecture hours weekly. Lessons are carried out in the group of 12 students maximum (one and a half day of sightseeing tour per week, three hours of adventure activities every day, and two hours of evening activities after the dinner).

Well-prepared program gives a chance to integrate all students irrespective of their nationality.

We also offer a Cultural Week in England, during which you can choose among various cities for staying and sightseeing. We organize the trips taking into account the number of the travelers. It might be arranged for many destinations, including accommodation in shared apartments or with host families. Tell us your preferences and we will inform you about all possibilities: contact. Many groups have chosen this project taking into account the success achieved in the previous edition. For more details, please follow the link below:

Lindau - Germany

GERMAN: In our offer we have a German language project for adults which we may arrange also for younger students  and organize courses in Language Academy in Germany, situated in idyllic surroundings of Lindau, which we have been successfully cooperating with. We prepared it for students of age between 12 and 16 years. They would stay with host families and would take part in various activities and sightseeing tours.

In our offer you will also find a two or four-week course for teenagers withselected homestay accommodation,in Radolfzell, a town in Germany at the western end of Lake Constance. It consists of 24 lessons of the German (1 lesson = 45 minutes). The same  Project can be organized for children of 11- 14 years, with the A1level of German (groups of 15 students maximum), Summer Camp or thematic camp (football or dance camp) of two or three weeks with accommodation on the camp. In all cases our courses are supervised by local tutors.

FRENCH: There are many ways to arrange your language course in France. All depends on your preferences, including location, duration, type of accommodation and the number of French classes.

ENGLISH LANGUAGE CAMP IN AVILA, SPAIN (Piedralaves): In our offer you will find also an intensive English course in Ávila, Spain (15 hours of English per week, for children of age between 7 and 14). This offer is unique due to its accommodation – stone cottages of Canadian design with separate bathrooms. Full pension provided. Each group of maximum 12 students would be supervised all day long by well-qualified native or bilingual teachers. Besides cultural and language classes you will find sport, adventure and some environmental activities in our course program. For more details, please follow the link: Campamento de Piedralaves.

We ensure that all programs include a degree certificate or certificate of attendance, learning materials, as well as travel and liability insurance.

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