Torquay - England

ENGLISH: There are many ways to arrange your English course abroad. Our leading project in this area is located in Torquay - one of top three destinations in the UK according to TripAdvisor. The project is organized in cooperation with an extraordinary Language Academy, the only language school in the UK which organizes special English classes on a yacht.

We have been investigating this specific market for many years to be sure that we are cooperating only with the best ones.

We collaborate with many others partners in Great Britain, Ireland, USA, Canada, Malta, and Sydney. Depending on the available courses, you can choose the place and time of staying, type of accommodation and number of hours of English per week.

Furthermore, in our English partner towns you can apply for a non-paid training program in local companies, and enrich your Curriculum Vitae with an international experience.

There is no problem if the whole family wants to have a course abroad – we offer the US, Ireland, or Malta as their destination.

We also offer a Cultural Week in England, during which you can choose among various cities for staying and sightseeing. We organize the trips taking into account the number of the travelers.

It might be arranged for many destinations, including accommodation in shared apartments or with host families. Tell us your preferences and we will inform you about all possibilities: Contact. Many groups have chosen this project taking into account the success achieved in the previous edition. For more details, please follow the link below: Cultural Week.

Lindau - Germany


In our offer we also have a project dedicated to German language. For many years we have been successfully cooperating with Language Academy in Germany, situated in idyllic surroundings of Lindau, which is characterized by excellent quality of teaching and well-qualified  tutors.

For students who complete the German course of at least 8 weeks and gain the B+ level of German, the Academy can seek a temporary job or training programs in companies situated in its neighborhood.

The age limit of this program is 18-30 years.

You can choose other German language courses we offer. Also, if you are interested in improving your French, we have French language courses in France.



PAID TRAINING PROGRAMS IN LONDON (age limit 18-30 years):

Maybe you are planning to pay your stay in the UK by paid internship programs available in London. With a help of local agencies we offer you help in finding job interviews. Your success depends on few things, such as  your current level of English, motivation and willingness to work.

Concurrently, we are looking for new partners in the UK with whom we would be able to establish successful and trustful cooperation.

AU-PAIR PROGRAM (age limit 19-28):

Would you like to spend some time in Dublin? Would you like to get to know the real life of Irish family? Do you want to improve your English and gain new life experience? Do you like children and can work with them?

If all your answers are “yes, I do” this program is for you!

The project is being organized in cooperation with the agency in Dublin, which will take care of you while you are staying in Ireland. We too, so don´t you worry.

There is also a possibility to take part in the au-pair job program in the UK, Germany, Holland and France.

As for the other countries, we can help to organize your internship in cooperation with Au-Pair World. We can help you to find tickets for the flight, translate the documents and give you consultations. All at a very competitive and reasonable price.

In our offer you can find also a demi-pair program which is organized in Ireland. A Demi Pair is a full time English language student, working as part time Au Pair. The program is prepared for young people between the age of  20 and 30.


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